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It’s the Dawn of a New Era!

New Dawn Domains has arisen as a registrar for the new decentralized internet running on the blockchain-based Handshake protocol. This revolutionary protocol allows anyone to have their own domain name and website on the censorship-resistant and permissionless internet!

While TLDs have started to become available for over a year now, having domain names for the general public available for using in the way traditional domains were used has only been possible for about a week. We decided to jump on the opportunity to provide everyone with the chance to have their own domain on the new internet.

In thee times of rampant censorship, you never know whether you will become affected next, since the goalposts keep on moving. Getting a domain name on the new decentralized web will ensure you do not have to self-censor yourself and you will have the peace of mind knowing your domain can always be yours, and you can maintain your sovereignty.

We are all embarking on this novel journey together, and will always be learning as we go along. Let’s come together and support the decentralization of humanity! Shifting from centralized .coms and .orgs to decentralized .lightworker and .i1 is a great way to show your support for the new paradigm.

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